Help us eliminate plastic milk bottles.

How does buying milk in returnable glass bottles sound? Well, we’ve made that happen in a beyond-successful trial, and we now want to take it to retail outlets across Victoria and beyond. We don’t ever want to bottle our organic milk in plastic ever again. But we need your help.

Over the past six months we’ve been trialling our 1 litre milk in returnable glass bottles at Farmers’ Markets in Victoria. And the response has been overwhelming. We want it. You want it. The universe demands it. The next step is to produce more milk in glass and make it more readily available. To do this, we need more factory equipment. If you become a part of our crowdfunding campaign, you can help us make that happen.

The more money we raise, the more comprehensive the equipment we can buy, the more stores we can supply to, and the more plastic we’ll annihilate. If we reach our ultimate goal, we’ll save 20 tonnes of plastic from entering the system per year. That takes the weight off our failing recycling systems, and ensures no decomposed plastic enters our waterways, impacting our marine life and the eco-systems around it. We cannot wait to make this happen.