South West Victoria Fires

While Simon Schulz was mid-US tour visiting organic dairies, we found ourselves a mere wind's change away from a very different outcome. We'd like to thank our community for your phone calls, comments and messages of concern earlier this month. A message from our General Manager, Peter Furphy:

C.R.E.A.M (Rules Everything Around Me)

Last month we put quark in the kitchen and hope you enjoyed trying the fluffy banana pancakes, the New York style strawberry cheesecake or the gourmet sage and pumpkin lasagne. Now, it’s time to get creamy and there’s no better way than to use our Schulz Organic Pure Cream. With a butter fat percentage of between 38% - 42%, there is no need for added thickness, how “pure” is that!

Quark in the Kitchen

Last month we brought you some simple summer recipes including overnight chia seeds in yogurt, roast chicken with zesty yogurt tahini dressing and a no-bake greek yogurt cheesecake. Now we’re looking at quark! Claimed by some as the most versatile cheese in the world... once you’re on the quark bandwagon, we promise you won’t go back!