Schulz in the States - An organic Odyssey

Our big cheese, Simon Schulz recently went on an organic odyssey to the US of A to check out how the yanks do it. The purpose of the tour, partly in the company of Australian Certified Organic was to experience and learn about farming, processing, distributing and selling organic product in the US.

Simon came back with massive praise for the industry there - the consumers thirst for organics and the strong collaborative marketing efforts make organic produce almost 'mainstream' in California.

On the flip side, Simon returned extremely proud of the processing standards that we adhere to here in Australia as they hold up very well to the American equivalent.

The trip was finished off with a bit of lone wandering up the Californian coast on a glass milk bottle fact finding mission. 

Here's some snaps from the trip - mostly taken from our instagram 


Mixing business with pleasure. A biodynamic winery in the Napa Valley with a holistic approach.


One of the best farmers markets in San Fran - heaps of organic. I was so happy to see that 100% of stallholders were genuine farmers - brilliant.


Stemple Creek Farm organic beef farm. These guys are big into carbon capture in soils through organic farming practices. Loved their innovative approach to maintaining the ecology of the farm.

A tour of yet another multi faceted farm that focuses on organically grown produce. Fruit and veggies, a bit of dairy, eggs, lamb, pork and so much more. The onsite community kitchen and barn onsite was made from amazing repurposed timber.


Backstage passes! We visited both retail stores and wholesale sites - So cool to see that demand is so strong in the US that there is a major supermarket that focusses on organic and natural foods.


A rare clear day in San Fran - no fog! 


Cruising California's version of the Great Ocean Road. Almost felt like home! 


Regulated Raw Milk! Amazing that!


Amazing trip but nice to be heading home!

South West Victoria Fires

While Simon Schulz was mid-US tour visiting organic dairies, we found ourselves a mere wind's change away from a very different outcome. We'd like to thank our community for your phone calls, comments and messages of concern earlier this month. A message from our General Manager, Peter Furphy:

C.R.E.A.M (Rules Everything Around Me)

Last month we put quark in the kitchen and hope you enjoyed trying the fluffy banana pancakes, the New York style strawberry cheesecake or the gourmet sage and pumpkin lasagne. Now, it’s time to get creamy and there’s no better way than to use our Schulz Organic Pure Cream. With a butter fat percentage of between 38% - 42%, there is no need for added thickness, how “pure” is that!