MILK IN RETURNABLE, REFILLABLE GLASS is back & it’s all thanks to you!

Thanks to you, our generous community, Schulz Organic Full Cream Milk will be available in returnable, refillable glass! Our commitment to innovation includes reducing our environmental footprint, so we’re scaling our Milk In Glass trial beyond Farmers Markets to retail fridges across regional Victoria, Melbourne (and hopefully beyond). An announcement four consecutive delicious. Australia gold medals in the making, removing plastic from the equation is the next step to our milk tasting even better.

Winter Warmers: Milk recipes to delight every cream-oisseur

These delicious milk-based beverages will keep you warm when the weather turns in the dreary months of the year. Enjoy a spicy chai, creamy eggnog or a s’mores infused hot chocolate on those drab and cold rainy days to make Winter slightly more bearable!

Some surprising places you'll find Schulz Organic Dairy

It’s what’s inside that counts! When your business is built on creating premium products, part of the formula calls for the finest ingredients. From internationally recognised top restaurants to socially conscious special coffee leaders and startups with potential, Schulz products have their fingers in more product pies than you may realise!