Quark in the Kitchen

Last month we brought you some simple summer recipes including overnight chia seeds in yogurt, roast chicken with zesty yogurt tahini dressing and a no-bake greek yogurt cheesecake. Now we’re looking at quark, which you may ask, what even is it? So, if that’s you then check out our Quark feature.”

This german fromage is claimed by some as the most versatile cheese in the world (not to mention delicious) so once you’re on the quark bandwagon, we promise you won’t go back. Try spreading it onto toast to get you started, and read on for some delicious recipes to keep you coming back for more!

Our quark is made with certified organic milk to which we add ABC cultures and microbial rennet. The yogurt cultures provide a mild tartness that lends itself well to both sweet and savory dishes. Quark tends to be higher in protein and calcium than cream cheese and contains less sugar than yogurt. Healthy, versatile and delicious!

Banana & Blueberry Pancakes

We love this recipe with the banana base creating the most fluffy pancakes around! Just add oats and our Schulz Organic Quark to make a nourishing and creamy mix ready to fry in some delicious organic butter. Serve with your favourite toppings such as coconut flakes, blueberries and lemon rind. 

Find the recipe here

Image Credit:  Josephine Malene Kofod, A Tasty Love Story

New York Strawberry Cheesecake

There’s really nothing like a classic baked cheesecake! We think you’ll be blown away by the creamy texture of this one made with a base of quark to keep it ever so light and fresh but with that mild tartness that compliments the sweet strawberry coulis so perfectly.

Find the recipe here

Pumpkin, Sage and Greens Lasagne


A gourmet veggie packed take on one of our favourite comfort foods. This dish uses a creamy quark sauce to enhance the slight sweetness of pumpkin and semi-dried tomatoes. We recommend using ours for this dish as it is made from certified organic milk and is naturally high in protein and calcium keeping you fuller for longer.

Find the recipe here


So get quarking! Don't forget to tag us in all your quark creations for a feature on our Instagram! 

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