MILK IN RETURNABLE, REFILLABLE GLASS is back & it’s all thanks to you!

Our video showing the hard work of our washroom superstars Rose and Ryan helped customers understand their plight!

Our video showing the hard work of our washroom superstars Rose and Ryan helped customers understand their plight!

In 2019 our award winning Organic Milk will be available via our retailers in returnable and refillable glass! 


We first started providing milk in returnable, refillable glass in October 2017 via our farmers markets. Consistently selling out since day one, we managed to avoid creating a humble 12kg of plastic every week. As of September 2018 we’ve more than DOUBLED our glass output every week to 700 bottles!


Providing milk in returnable glass to retailers is a logistical beast of a process, and an expensive one to put in place. We needed help acquiring equipment and durable bottles designed to eliminate the need for labels.

We enlisted some experts and with the generous support of our community (and a whole lot of hard work and patience) we’re almost there!


In August 2018 we launched our campaign on Pozible! Legendary Illustrator Dawn Tan to help us kickstart the process with some awesome artwork. Her creation, emblazoned on our tee-os, has helped us spread our #NoTasteForWaste message.

(Want one? Or a Schulz Keep Cup or tote bag? Click here for details)

Image: Swear Words

Image: Swear Words


We achieved our initial target of $48,000 in a flash! This guaranteed that we were definitely able to go ahead with the project! The only problem was, we aimed low to guarantee the project was funded, as if you don’t reach your target then you don’t see a cent!

There was a clear demand, and in a wide range of areas who deserve access to this service just as much as the next. So, we widened our scope, onboard more of the retailers who were knocking down our door and LO & BEHOLD! We raised 106K!

we’re on track to deliver approx. 5000 bottles a week upon launch!

*** that’s 200kg less plastic produced every week! ***


Simon Schulz considering his plastic free options with @swearwords & @containdesignstudio

Simon Schulz considering his plastic free options with @swearwords & @containdesignstudio

1182 absolute legends contributed their hard earned dollars over the course of the month! Many loyal and brand new customers, with a significant representation by existing wholesale customers. Mostly independent business owners in their own right; some took collections in store while others made significant contributions off their own backs! Six opted to

Coming in at just under 10% of our total, with a staggering display of support is one particular sustainable angel whose name will be debossed onto our bottles! To top it all off, three awesome humans took out the top bids in out Silent Auction of once-in-a-lifetime experiences at Vue de mondeBrae and Ike-jime (kindly donated by our generous friends and customers Dan Hunter and Shannon Bennett).


  • 28 Kids tees

  • 96 Farm Tours

  • 18 “Name a calf”

  • 79 Schulz Keep-Cups

  • 6 Stainless can pledges 

  • 65 Kisses from brünnhilde 

  • 516 2 x bottles of milk

  • 126 100% Organic Cotton 4-bottle Totes

  • 47 100% Organic Cotton Jersey Tees

  • 178 4 x glass bottles of milk + tote bag

  • 71 ALL OF THE MERCH packs

  • 21 “Your name on our label”

  • 1 Name debossed on our bottle 

  • 3 Silent Auction experiences


There has been a lot of excitement in the media too, which has really helped us to spread the word and reach likeminded folk!

Simon and co. were featured on ABC radio’s Raf and Hillary as well as Nine News Western Victoria! Check out the articles below (and let us know if you’ve seen one we missed!)

Our fancy & durable NEW LOOK BOTTLES!

Our fancy & durable NEW LOOK BOTTLES!



  • BOTTLE DESIGN? Approved! (Thanks to Contain Design Studio & Swear Words - legends)

  • MOLDS? Being made now!

  • BOTTLE CAPS? Next on the list!

  • STAINLESS PAILS? Due November!


We’re still aiming for February 2019 although this project has MANY moving parts, so we’ll keep you updated closer to the time! 

We have a huge list of Founding Retailers, one that is set to double as soon as we’re happy the system is working well! Find out where below.

What to get your hands on our milk? See our retailer list here. Please Note: Milk In Glass requires effort on the behalf of retailers that plastic doesn’t.

Participating retailers are listed here (to be added to the list, contact us)

On behalf of Schulz Organic Dairy, we’d like to thank each and every one of you for your generous donations, shameless social sharing and kind words of support!

Organic Full Cream Milk - 4 years running! The full list of winners is listed    here

Organic Full Cream Milk - 4 years running! The full list of winners is listed here