Made from milk - Simple recipes for the full cream chef!

(Image Credit: Local Milk)

(Image Credit: Local Milk)

We’re all for a big glass of creamy milk, and we are just as keen on milky coffees, granola and the like. But have you ever thought of doing more with your milk than just adding it to other things?

You may be surprised to know that it’s super easy to make different kinds of cheeses at home in your own kitchen! We’ve done the hard yards and hunted down two different cheese recipes as well as the mother of all iced coffee recipes for you to try at home!

We suggest trying the Rasgulla recipe first, that way you can use the curds for the cottage cheese it requires while retaining the whey for your ricotta! We recommend using our Organic Pure Milk, and if you run out of cheesy passion before doing anything with your whey, pop it into a smoothie or substitute it for water in your baking!

(Image Credit: munatycooking)

FYI. You may prefer to make the ricotta straight from fresh our Organic Pure Milk, as unless you’re feeding a Rasgulla army, your cottage cheese might not yield enough whey for a very large batch.

FUN FACT: While there are technical differences, if you follow the rasgulla recipe and press additional liquid from the cheese, it will become firmer and resemble paneer! You can then utilise it in savoury dishes too! Ah milk, so versatile!

… And not to mention delicious!

Recipe 1: Rasgulla cheese balls with rose water and saffron syrup



(Image Credit munatycooking)

Recipe 2: Ricotta - Enjoy it on toast with a drizzle of honey and some toasted nuts!

(Image Credit & Recipe Credit: The Kitchn)

(Image Credit: Local Milk)

(Image Credit: Local Milk)

Recipe 3: Cardamom & rose iced latte (Japanese ice coffee)

This recipe features some really wonderful tips on brewing coffee too!

Let us know how you went with these recipes and get in touch if you've a burning desire to see something in particular featured in next month's recipes section of our newsletter! 


Thanks for reading, milky mates!