South West Victoria Fires

Image Credit:  CFA V  ic , Buninyong.

Image Credit: CFA Vic, Buninyong.

We'd like to thank our community for your phone calls, comments and messages of concern earlier this month. While Simon Schulz was mid-US tour visiting organic dairies, we found ourselves a mere wind's change away from a very different outcome. We'll hand you over to our General Manager, Peter Furphy:


“The fires that swept through South West Victoria this month were mainly north of Timboon, affecting many family & friends of Schulz staff.
Timboon township was evacuated, including homes near the farm. Unfortunately there have been losses of stock, homes and damages to many properties north of the Schulz'.
Our farm and factory are unharmed. We consider ourselves very lucky and are thankful to emergency services who did a wonderful job communicating the impending danger and controlling the fires.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected. We're sure the community will continue to rally and help those in need.”


If you can, please support Bendigo Bank's the Community Relief Fund


A HUGE congratulations to Victoria's Emergency Services are due. We tend to forget the work that goes into protecting us until an event like this one where there is danger of it going beyond control. Thank you to the Country Fire Authority, Forest Fire Management Victoria, and every other community service that helps keep us safe. We appreciate it!

 Image Credit: @lorettatakesphotos - Loretta Binder of SE CFA

 Image Credit: @lorettatakesphotos - Loretta Binder of SE CFA

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