How To: Make your own cultured butter

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Reasons to make it ...

It’s stood the test of time

Well apart from the obvious answer (that butter is just plain delicious), we did some scoping around to find out why butter has stood the test of time. After all, it’s been a staple in most cultures since originating some 10,000 years ago! We were fascinated to learn that butter was used not only for food but was also made into a cream to smooth skin and was massaged into hair to make it shine in ancient Rome (1). It was also used to fight skin infections and burns and ancient Egyptians even valued it as a cure for eye problems.

It’s healthy!

Why we love it now, though? It’s 100% real, there’s no need for additives or preservatives, just good quality cream! So, naturally, it’s our top choice of spreads. ‘Cultured’ butter is different in that bacterias are added similar to those in yoghurt, so there’s a richer flavour and it even contains those good gut probiotics. Butter suffered some slash in the media before margarine hit the market, but we’ve always trusted cows over chemists and we’ve even read some retracting articles to prove why butter is actually good for us. Notably, it’s the best and most easily absorbed source of vitamin A, essential for thyroid health and adrenal glands, both key for maintaining the proper functioning of the heart and cardiovascular system. Fascinated? Read more here.

It’s sustainable!

If you're on par with our ‘waste not want not’ mindset, then this will be a big reason for you! We recently had a cream glut and what better way to use this quality dairy than to make something new (and delicious) with it? We sent it to the creamy butter experts at Lard Ass and the Schulz cultured butter initiative was born. Don’t throw out those last dollops of cream sitting in the fridge and instead see how far it goes when you make butter with this simple recipe! You can use it for cooking, baking or simply devouring on sourdough!

Why is our Schulz organic cream good for making butter?

Because it is full of natural fat! That’s right, it’s 38% to 42% full of the good stuff, meaning there’s no need for added thickness. If you love ultra creamy, slightly nutty-flavoured yellow butter then start with a good base of organic cream with a high fat content and conveniently that’s just what we make at Schulz!

The Recipe

Super simple; all you need is cream, yogurt and a pinch of salt! Click here.

Image Credit:  @lardassbutter

Image Credit: @lardassbutter