Winter Warmers: Milk recipes to delight every cream-oisseur

These delicious milk-based beverages will keep you warm when the weather turns in the dreary months of the year. Enjoy a spicy chai, creamy eggnog or a s’mores infused hot chocolate on those drab and cold rainy days to make Winter slightly more bearable!

Image: Georgia Harding,  Well Nourished

Image: Georgia Harding, Well Nourished

Healthy Hot Chocolate

Do you crave a warm Winter treat, but still want it to be somewhat nutritious? Well this is the recipe for you! This healthy hot chocolate includes spices that support both digestion and the respiratory tract which is perfect for anyone feeling the cold-weather sickness.

Examples include ginger, which is known for its health benefits when it comes to improving circulation and providing anti-inflammatory properties for the respiratory and muscular-skeletal systems. Antimicrobial cardamon helps to balance blood-sugar levels.

Image:  Sindhi Dunyar

Learn to create your own individual chai mix to store in the pantry for whenever you’re craving a spicy warm chai on those miserable, rainy days. This recipe is also the gift that keeps on giving as you can also use the chai mix to make delicious spiced biscuits, chai custard and even a sweet chai spiced risotto!

There are lots of different recipes for chai, so we've linked to two... (this one and this one!) try them for yourselves and let us know your favourite!

Image: Ben Dearnley,

Image: Ben Dearnley,


With Aussie Christmas landing in the middle of Summer, it is definitely appropriate for us to enjoy a delicious, heartwarming eggnog during the colder months of the year. This simple and easy recipe will mean eggnog all throughout the chilly days and who doesn’t want that?

Image: Teresa Cutter,  The Healthy Chef

Image: Teresa Cutter, The Healthy Chef

This Winter pick-me-up is also known as Golden Milk and has historic use through the centuries in India as a traditional Ayurvedic medicinal recipe. Similarly to the Healthy Hot Chocolate above, every zesty sip contains ingredients that help boost our immune systems at one of our most sickness-susceptible times of the year.

Turmeric provides powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatory benefits and supports liver function.You can also add a spoonful of tahini to boost calcium, magnesium, iron and dietary fibre or blend this Turmeric Milk recipe with banana and create a healthy breakfast smoothie.

S'Mores hot chocolate

What could possibly make this Winter favourite even better? S’mores of course! Update your simple hot chocolate and marshmallow recipe with this delicious recipe that will leave everyone in the best cold-weather spirit!

Use our Schulz Organic Full Cream milk to create the creamiest s'mores hot chocolate yet!

Image: Dana Schultz,  Minimalist Baker

Image: Dana Schultz, Minimalist Baker

Thanks for reading! Find our delicious organic milks at your closest stockist and start brewing these delicious Winter warmer milk beverages!