Some surprising places you'll find Schulz Organic Dairy

Our products are just as versatile as the local businesses that use them. On your plate and into your keep cup; read on for a taste of where our dairy is dished up.

Market Lane Coffee

This specialty coffee roastery, cafe and retailer is Melbourne born and bred which is evident in its dedication to making high quality coffee exciting and accessible to all. They spend much of their time sourcing beans from some of the best coffee growers around the world with only superior beans that are distinctive and memorable making the cut. But don’t think about requesting a specific milk at Market Lane Coffee shops as they only use the best of the best, our Organic Full Cream Cows Milk. That’s it. Nothing else. There’s no skinny cappuccino or soy milk latte here!

Image:  Market Lane

Image Credit: @raphaelexp

Image Credit: @raphaelexp


We’re not normally one for bragging, but we’re pretty proud that the Australia's Top Restaurant 2017 'Australian Restaurant of the Year’ (and number 58 on this years’ World’s 50 Best Restaurants list uses our very own Organic Pure Cream in their unbeatable hand-made butter! In line with our shared missions to reduce single use waste, their deliveries arrive in stainless pails. 

Brae (meaning hillside or slope) is a contemporary restaurant placed on the gentle incline of the organic, 30 acre organic farm. Managed using regenerative farming techniques to restore the land, the farm’s produce dominates an ever-changing seasonal menu. What’s not grown on site is the finest local produce available; Brae's recipe for unique award-winning contemporary cuisine that reflects the terrain and changing of seasons.

Image Credit: Brae Restaurant

An evening at here is something to celebrate, and as such many of the local B&B's offer drop off and pick up services to the restaurant! Chauffeured vehicles are also available however to truly get the most of the occasion, we suggest booking Brae's onsite guest suites. 

Built with sustainability in mind, your zero emission stay comes complete with in-room house-made breakfast of organic, wood-fired sourdough bread, pastries, preserves and seasonal produce harvested from the property and nearby. Wander the gardens and brush shoulders with the chefs and gardeners at work! What Chef Dan Hunter, his wife and business partner Jules Bagnato and their incredible team have created here is something truly special that we proud to be a part of it. 

Image:  Peter Barrett

Benny Burger

There are many reasons Shannon Bennett brought Benny Burger onto the Melbourne food-scene. Inspired by his father Benny Bennett's weekend ritual of throwing some burgers on the BBQ, and dismayed at the poor quality cuisine rapidly produced by fast food outlets, Shannon decided to make his own. 

Bennett went against the norm of food outlets disrespecting the provenance of their product, not caring about the impact of their practices on the planet and not showing concern for the health of their customers (and created delicious burgers along the way). Benny Burger is, instead, all organic, sustainable and ethical without sacrificing even an ounce of flavour and we are over the moon that our Organic Milk features in not only their coma-inducing milkshakes and silky, patty-encompassing cheese; but also the burger’s delightfully fluffy brioche buns.


Oh My Gelato!

Grown from one Melburnian’s simple love of crafting traditional gelato for his family, Oh My Gelato! produces unique small-batch gelatos and sorbets. These are made from perfectly selected ingredients obtained from famed food regions, such as our Organic Pure Cream from the Timboon region. Flavours range from the tantalising Melbourne Espresso Gelato and Solomon Islands Salted Chocolate Sorbet to the more unusual (but still utterly delectable) Ceylon Earl Grey Gelato and Uji Matcha Gelato.


Image:  Oh My Gelato!

Vue De Monde

Vue De Monde is a testament to the belief that dining can be a wondrous and unforgettable experience, while paying homage to classical fine dining in a modern context. It’s menu has evolved from more classical roots and European influence to a lighter handed and more natural approach while also utilising local produce. This includes their very-own heirloom and organic vegetables, as well as ingredients sourced directly from growers and farmers such as us! You’ll find our Full Cream Organic Milk in their creamy, house-made butter.

Located on the 55th floor of Melbourne’s iconic Rialto building, the restaurant offers a mouth-watering menu, sweeping views across the city. Stunning artworks complement a pared back and sophisticated space with a design that reflects on Australia’s history and Melbourne’s gold-rush glory days.

Image:  Time Out  

Image: Time Out 

Chai Walli

If award-winning chai is what you want, then award-winning chai is what you’ll get at with these Melbourne based trailblazers specialising in high grade Ayurvedic Indian teas. Ayurveda is one of the most ancient forms of holistic well-being and is still widely practiced in India today, sharing a close link with Indian spices.

The shop grew from humble beginnings in the Uppma’s family home kitchen with founder, Uppma Virdi, inspired by her passion to share her Grandfather’s legacy of Ayurvedic teas and the historic Indian culture of chai. Hand-crafted by Uppma Virdi, the teas are completely natural, sugar and preservative free (with caffeine free options also available) and complemented by our delicious Organic Milk to boot!

Chai Walli are a company with a mission too: they are passionate about sharing the beauty of Indian culture, and as such Uppma was recently invited to parliament house to discuss fostering connection + collaboration to strengthen the Indian Australian relationship!

Image:  @chai_walli


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