Quark is a German style fresh cheese, similar to mascarpone or fromage frei in consistency however it contains the ABC cultures of a yogurt to give it a mild tartness. Used extensively throughout Northern Europe as an incredibly versatile dairy product.

The perfect substitute for cottage cheese, mascarpone, cream fraiche or sour cream. Try it out on some sour dough bread with smoked salmon, chives and rocket lettuce, or if you have a sweet tooth, add a thick layer of your favorite jam or honey on top of a generous layer of quark on toast.





(in herbs & spices)

The perfect cheese dip.
(Quark, Dill Tips, Onion, Garlic, Bay Leaf, Bell Peppers and Crushed Chilli Flakes.

Product Sizes:
Retail - 200g
Food Service - 2.5kg tub


organic quark

Our Quark features only certified organic milk, ABC cultures and microbial rennet. Consistency is generally smooth but can change depending on the season.

Product Sizes:
Retail - 375g
Food Service - 4kg tub